Turnball Gives Perth Freight Link (PKL) Tick Of Approval

Perth Freight Link is a really important, game-changing project for WA, with massive benefits for the freight industry, commuters and the livability of people living around Fremantle port,” he said.

Source: Light rail gets nod from Canberra – The West Australian by Andrew Probyn

He warned any Federal contribution to MAX light rail would not be at the expense of the Perth Freight Link, which has attracted $925 million in Federal funds.

Projects like MAX could be funded through the Fremantle Port privatisation which would trigger federal payments through the asset recycling program.

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  1. Yep, great article in the West, I read it too. Josh Frydenburg seems almost resolved to the fact that the PFL will be put through NO MATTER WHAT. We can only hope that Melissa Parke puts her money where her mouth is and stands in front of the bulldozers.

    • Correction, it was Jamie Briggs who’s now in charge of getting this through and he seems very keen to get it going.

      Pathetic and weak willed letter in today’s paper from Lynn McLaren trying to stop the PFL does nothing but show that her Green’s comrades are the ones littering the neighbourhood with their Re-Think The Link signage on the public verge. Why the City of Melville and a like haven’t removed these I don’t know.

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