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This morning I had a look over my site statistics and was encouraged to see the every increasing amount of readers who click the links taking them to pages, I have referenced to further the information gained on the applicable issue.

Don’t worry its doesn’t tell me who anyone is or what they have clicked, but does give me an indication of the volume of people hitting the links and which ones.

Its only through an informed opinion that we will see Fremantle reform.

Some other tit bits of info

94.5 % of hits are Australian based, I haven’t paid for the upgraded version so hard to see from a state by state version, though the trail version I tried over a month indicated just under 75% of hits where WA based.


Most popular blogs over the months have been

May           Council pressed over Kings Square finances | Business News

April          Fremantle Council Mauls Questioning Resident

March       Cost of Fremantle Mayors Rate Payer Funded Junket, Doubles

February  Fremantle Made Junkets

January was a tie between Fremantle First      and     Do as I Say, Not As I Do – (Says) Council


This morning Fremantle Reform broke the 1000 subscribers and hit 9301 mark for site visits. While not huge numbers it is encouraging to see the reader base grow and interesting to see how many readers come in from Twitter and FB.


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