More Council Concrete for Fremantle Parks?

COF Council has a new community submission page for the their plans for a basketball court in a south beach park.

Council just received a damning report form the 202020 group for Green space and tree canopy,etc. see here

Page 21 for WA.

HARD SURFACE HEAVY, Fremantle,  comes in the top two. These reports  information were gathered, before the council approved concrete for the Esplanade, or approved to cut down 100+  trees at the Kim Beazley site. So how much worse would it be adding in these factors


1. City of Maribyrnong (VIC)
2. City of Fremantle (WA)
3. City of Holdfast Bay (SA)
4. City of Rockdale (NSW)

Now its quite common in recent media reporting  that green space is good for you. 202020 click here to read if u are interested to read more.  FRRA also held a community info event on this and invited all councillors to come along. Here is their FB page Fremantlerra

Why is our council, so determind to keep concreting our parks, ok it could be asphalt/bitumen, still you can bet more grass will go?

Anyway  if you don’t want more concrete poured in our parks, have your say.

Say No To More Concrete in our parks

See court locations

For the amount of school areas that have easily accessible courts throughout our city, is there really a need to build more, not to mention the Frank Gibson Park Reserve?




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  1. Jayne says:

    Such outdated thinking from the Council. So disappointing. And speaking of grass… Who pays to restore and replace the grass on The Esplanade after it is trashed by large commercially-run events? I heard that Sunset Events pays nothing towards the damage after festivals and instead Freo ratepayers cop the hefty bill. Is that right?

    • admin says:

      Jayne i believe that the council past a motion that this Sunset events get the area pasted by council for free and pay no damage or restoration cost for that area of the park.
      Its the rate payer who carries the burden of cost while losing access/use to the park and even streets in the city.

  2. freoishome says:

    I don’t think either of the two options are very good. I would revert back to something closer to the original basketball court, but spin it round 90 degrees. Hence have the court at the western most end of the current car park, but with the goals on the north and south side. Would require a higher fence on the northern railway line end. Might also require a slight extension on the southern end to get a full court. That would minimise the lose of car parking spots, ie, half the number required in the original set up; but shouldn’t be such an issue now overflow parking is permitted on Wilson Pk. While doing it why not add a few extra trees that would provide some protection in years to come.

  3. elena monaco says:

    This council is determined to “activate” every peaceful haven in the city. The Esplanade is no longer available for a quiet contemplative walk and the council is now going to disqualify another area.

    • admin says:

      I don’t think they understand that quite place to think, read, think, reflect, what ever people r into?
      As they seemed determine to destroy the aussie backyard, shrink your home to the size of dog kennel, now they appear to want to continue concreting our parks, the idea of having a quiet place to relax is rapidly disappearing?

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