Fremantle Council Shambles Continue


Amazing our council seems to know how to consistently make contracts that actually screw up the cities ability to move forward.

Council has made lemons out of deal after deal.

Kings Square business plan has kept the CBD dead (apart from the drunks, dregs and druggies) for over 3yrs now, first they screwed up by letting Myers leave then the Mayor, Brad Pettitts clanger of a Kings Square Business Plan.

He was warned by an ex mayor don’t do it, professional staff (that left) said the same. Members of the Community tried to raise questions, but where publicly vilified for it. Fremantle Society raised questions never got answers, several community groups fared no better. a Politician asked questions in Parliament the Minister pretty much ignored them. Financial specialists, with a puissance for this sort of financial application, have raised serious questions in the both the outcome and methodology of the so call business plan. Councillors have been written too as individuals asking direct questions of the procedure and their understanding of the outcome and their responsibilities in this chain of council decisions, that started back in 2012.

All this and they blissfully carried on with our piped piper leading them down the path, the only councillor who showed an ounce of free will was ex councillor Bill Massie and his replacement since. All of this leading to a possible $50,000,000.00 loss for the ratepayers.

Then the shocker of deal with the Dockers, leaving the council with a vacating footie team who has the ground locked  for peanuts, for decades, our councillors showing yet again their financial acumen. Rate payers screwed yet again.

Giving away the Esplanade for next to free for a select group. Another bill for the rate payers to cover.

Anyone wondering why we see our rates rise the way they do????

Then we see another couple of sweet deals for the a couple of groups at the old naval stores, somehow this group get an amazingly cheap deal and have the ability to sublease out space to profit on something they are killing time with. How this is a positive outcome for Freo is beyond me.

Then we come round to a deal which seems to have been a pet project for the mayor as he rode it pretty hard. Including a more than smoke screen of a farce community engagement, which went 180 degrees opposite to what the community groups came up with. Again community groups raised a whole range of objections, now seemingly mostly if not all justified, as the Mayor and co, completely ignored community objections and concerns and just did want they felt like.

So what we have again is another divide in our community, modeled by council and another part of our town left de-activated; this time for how long as we wait to see how our our council sorts another self made mess.

How many different spaces in the Queensgate centre are being used by groups who are paying well below market rate if anything at all, who are they and what connections do they have to our current council? What else is the rate payer funding, that they have no idea about.

The WAPC  finding a pretty much given for Freo,

  • Use of land reserved for parks & recreation, regional open space was not as specified and the plan Brad drove so hard for did not comply with intended use of such a reserve, oh yes the community did raise that, another thing he ignored.
  • Wait for it; the proposal did not have sufficient car-parking, right how many times was that mentioned? that’s pretty much a staple for our anti-car council.
  • Didn’t comply with the local planning for Fremantle
  • Had a negative impact on local residences and other businesses.
  • Didn’t comply with the COF own West-end policy.
  • They missed, it went against COF own Alcohol policy
  • There is a few more apart from their other stupid ideas, of using whalers tunnel, or the bike path to set up the events if FPA blocked use of the road.
  • Not to mention pissing off the local business and pretty much looked they were trying to drive them out?
  • FPA against the  proposal
  • Setting up a massive booze barn across from a TAFE.
  • It just goes on and on.

Even better when we see the WAPC ruling coming out, wheres our Mayor, oh yes off jet-setting overseas, increasing his carbon-footprint and now the proverbial is going down in freo, over councils latest cock-up, he’s off on his Holidays, leadership at its most. Possible a good plan overseas, let the heat die down, and hold another love in about small apartments that heat off their own poo.

So we see Roel ( J SHED INCOMPETENCE A WORRY FOR KINGS SQUARE ) coming out all guns blazing on the professional staff and fair enough, how did they let all that go by? Still he did not once call to account our Mayor or Councillors, whom were the ones to finally vote to allow this debacle to happen in the 1st place. Hes not publishing any council facts/critics now days, so another place council gets a walk.

I would ask another question, is this professional body that incompetent or is it a group that is ridden rough shot over and told what to do or what outcomes will be, to suit a certain person and his personal agenda?

Isn’t this why the final decisions rests with people who are so called representatives of the city residents and ratepayers or electors, our councillors and Mayor right, isn’t this what they get paid for ?

In these cases you have to ask who’s best interests were they taking care of, from the outcomes so far it doesn’t look like the old electors are faring to well?

It was great to see the CCC’s recommendation for the Auditor general office to get some oversite of local council.

Its fair to say many in the freo community would be happy to see the auditors general popping into freo any day real soon.







We cant we want to live here!

Its a horror movie

Fremantles Cerveza Beach Party not about getting smashed, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Seriously the council should play back the audio of what they have said at council meetings, so they can hear how ridiculously funny some of their statements are.

A branded beer party on the beach, fenced in, is not about a massive piss up but people who are going to enjoy a few responsibly drunk beers and to partake of the fine cuisine and enjoy the scintillating repartee of their fellow gourmands? Almost as good as freo having the best public toilets in the world.

There’s taking the piss and there’s taking the piss, if you want to approve a piss up on the beach, then do it for what it is, don’t try to justify it with a whole pile of BS rhetoric.

Comparing, not approving a beach party with prohibition is just crap, no one is suggesting prohibition just not to allow a massive beer advertisement/glorification on the beach.

Comparing a branded beer festival as having no impact, as children regularly walk past  bars with a sign advertising a particular brand, that’s comparable? why did government ban cigarettes from advertising, according to research widely accepted, it has had a significant impact on lower smoking levels?

Could we compare the whole alcohol issue with cigarette advertising where according to the progressive intelligentsia, Australia is leading the world. If advertising did not attract people to the product, would companies spend Billions on it each year?

I was surprised after listening over the last year or so hear to some Councillors talk about how council should spend more funds on community safety directed to stopping domestic violence,then to suddenly back-flip and support the beach piss up.

Personally I would have rather seen the alcohol issue get the cigarette attention 1st, not much domestic violence based around a couple of durries, or a one punch hit, killing from chain smoking. Making my point of view quite funny as I have never smoked but do drink and possibly been to more party places around the globe than anyone on council.

Even funnier a Councillor stating how responsibly all the fenced ticketed events were run as there is no issues with drunk people falling over each other, or god forbid anything worse. I’m not sure if they attend these events or how good their cognitive functions are the next day, but I generally leave these events by 4pm or 5pm, as by then the drunks are well and truly in flight, with vomit, taking the public leak on the tent etc are all in full swing, perhaps this year I will take some vids to prove the point.

The Mccusker centre has written to the COF questioning the event going ahead, this was swept aside quicker than a community consultation doc,  as it appears our Councillors have a better understanding of the effects of alcohol on our community than the McCusker Centre.

Here is a quick link to their page;

McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth

The aim of the McCusker Centre is to reduce the levels of drinking, harmful drinking and alcohol problems among young people.

Key objectives of the McCusker Centre include raising awareness of:

  • The levels of harmful drinking and harm from alcohol among young people;
  • The actions we know can be effective in preventing harm from alcohol; and
  • The need for action without delay.

The McCusker Centre will also work to stimulate and inform community discussion and debate about alcohol issues.

Strangely I didn’t find on their site that “huge fenced in branded beer beach parties” as part of the alcohol mitigation program?

Looks like McCusker centre is left with egg on its face as a couple of weeks ago COF was a finalist for one of their awards, now COF simply dismisses their concerns, oh dear?

To be fair to the Councillors, 2 did vote against the event, Massie and Strachen. The speed the Mayor brush past the McCuker Centres letter, I’m not sure why he even bothered bringing it up, or perhaps it’s just because Councillor Massie raised the issue how inconsiderate? The smarter Councillors said nothing on the issue or just didn’t turn up for the meeting.

We shan’t mention this event flies in the face of the COF policy on alcohol and its own alcohol accord., oh yes even funnier a Councillor actually brought the small bar issue into this justification, emmm, 120 people comparable to 5000, sounds right?

Me I have no problem with people drinking, but the first step is also being honest about it, what I saw tonight left me in doubt of the sincerity of our council with the lame weak ass justifications for this event. I wonder if they will get any free tickets?

On the plus side at least the organizer is actually paying for fencing our public space this time and will supply a deposit to ensure clean up is done. I think the real justification of the event comes from the fact event will supply bike racks and it may have a bus running from town. The freo stamp of approval!

Link to item on the agenda from full council in August 2015


Pg 107 Corona’s Sunsets Music Festival.

Fremantle Logic



Fremantle council logic , needs a lot of twisting and spin to get the desired effect.

Recently on the city’s website was posted a community engagement notice for 12 Parry Street, Fremantle – DAP005/15

So while I don’t think the size of the place is bad or it’s too big you really have to wonder how the city will justify supporting a microbrewery in a location like this.

It’s clear the current council shredded its own alcohol policy just months after they adopted it by then voting for J-shed another micro-brewery with a capacity of 1500+.

The location of Parry St  for a micro-brewery could possibly not be much worse from a community point.

  • A church almost directly across the road from it.
  • A high school  CBC just round the corner
  • St Pats Community Support Centre just south of it
  • St Pats Primary School
  • Kids sporting fields just behind and along side.

All we are really missing is a kindie close at hand. Not so long ago the Fremantle youth Services centre was only metres away.

So if anyone’s wants to comment the 12 parry st at the top of the page is a link and the in blue alcohol policy has a link to the COF webpage to read the policy if you feel the need for some fiction reading.

What the hell this is short post here is the guts of policy for you to laugh at, well to be fair the policy is quite good, it’s just not followed which begs to ask why write if you are not going to use it. Again I get back to the box ticking exercise it was, it looks good, sounds good and for fills a great community feel good exercise, until people realize they don’t actually follow it, it’s just for show.

For info here are a few principles endorsed by the COF councillors from the meeting where they passed the SG50, funnily the same meeting they accepted the J-shed lease, classic. What a group of hypocrites, importantly it was not a unanimous decision.

The City (pg.95) is committed to encouraging a more responsible drinking culture and will consider health promotion strategies to initiate behavioural change;

  • The City supports restaurant and small bar licence categories as the type of low risk licensed venues that best compliment the City’s desired character and identity for Fremantle;
  • A general presumption in favour of alcohol-free events, attractions and other cultural, arts and recreation activities; and consideration of incentives for applicants;
  • Consideration of support for licensed premises where alcohol consumption is not the primary activity and is ancillary to other compatible uses carried out on site; and
  • Consideration of support for small, temporary, ‘pop up’ venues in the City centre zone that serve to activate underutilised areas or spaces, compliment surrounding land uses and display a commitment to responsible service of alcohol and harm minimization principles;
  • A general presumption in favour of development of small bars;
  • The City providing assistance to small bar applicants in the preparation of a public interest assessment report (PIAR) as part of their liquor licence application; • A general presumption against large or high risk licensed premises in the City centre trading past 1am and a general presumption against licensed premises outside of the City centre trading past 12am;”

How does J-shed for fill the councils commits above or policy below, then apply both to the new Parry st development as well? Reading the above comments from council, you would think we were living in a different city?

Looking forward to reading their comment to the RGL on point 6.

Alcohol management Reference Number: SG50


The objective of this policy is to provide for an integrated and holistic response to the management of alcohol related issues within the City of Fremantle.


The City of Fremantle considers that an integrated and population wide approach is necessary to improve attitudes toward alcohol consumption. The City also recognises its capacity as a local government to foster a healthy and responsible drinking culture and to implement a range of strategies to minimise the incidence of alcohol related harm in the community. To achieve its objectives, the City of Fremantle will –

1. Provide appropriate services and infrastructure to support the needs of the community in relation to the management of alcohol related issues; 2. Develop, promote and support a variety of events and activities where alcohol consumption is not the primary focus of activity including art and cultural programs, retail trading and recreational infrastructure;

3. Encourage a responsible drinking culture through the use of health promotion strategies to initiate behavioural change and reduce the normalisation of alcohol consumption in the minds of children and teenagers ;

4. Promote an appropriate mix of land use consistent with the objectives of the City’s strategic plan and Local Planning Scheme No. 4 and to minimise the impacts of the operation of licensed venues on surrounding areas;

5. Ensure thorough and integrated determination of liquor licence applications through the application of appropriate criteria having regard to the objectives of the City’s SG50 version 1 Page 2 of 2 Once printed this document becomes uncontrolled. Refer to electronic copy for controlled copy. Strategic Plan, Local Planning Scheme No. 4, other relevant City policies and applicable statutory requirements;

6. Provide appropriate comment to the Director of Liquor Licensing in regard to liquor licence applications as per the provisions of the Liquor Control Act 1988;

7. Promote a responsible approach to alcohol consumption at events supported and organised by the City and at venues it owns or manages.

8. Establish and expand partnerships with relevant stakeholders including community groups to improve attitudes toward alcohol consumption and reduce the prevalence of alcohol related harm within the community;

9. Consult and engage with the community regarding alcohol related issues and ensure an appropriate response to alcohol related concerns and complaints.



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