Great Turnout for Fremantle Local Government Elections Nominations

Just goes to show the level of unrest, feedup, pissed off, over them, tired of the lack of representation everyone in fremantle district has with its political driven, self-interest, council.

This is the first time in 4 election cycles or 8 years Fremantle has had every seat contested.

This is the first opportunity for all wards to have a say to  who represents them in 8 years so people make the most of it.

Sadly for me I have not nominated as I had intended too, due to a sudden change in circumstances, my apologies for those who where expecting me to run. Thanks for all the emails, texts and calls I have gotten over last  8 hours.

Make the most of your vote, check out who the candidates are and what they stand for.

Check out if they are really there for the right reasons, ask who put them forward or encourage them to run ask about political parties affiliations?

There are some great candidates running get behind them and give them your vote, encourage your friends, families, neighbours to vote as well.

City Ward has a real win with an opportunity to actually vote in a councillor who lives in City Ward, with Claudia’s 20yrs of history in the city ward. Claudia’s great work on real local issues and genuine care for the really important ideals of local government, like good governance, transparency,  true representation and accountability,  Claudia would be a breath of fresh air for Fremantle council.

Me I will be giving Claudia for City Ward, my full support. As it will be great to have councillor who actually focuses on real local issues, not political party nonsense.



Tick A Box

Tick Claudia for good governance, accountability and transparency, Fremantles deserves it. Fremantle has suffured enough.

Fremantle Seniors Speak Out, Lost Services

Fremantle closed To Seniors


This is something new for my Blog, I have a piece written by a Senior citizen of Fremantle, this looks at what services they have lost over the years from council and explains why she belives that some people feared, merging or amalgamating with Fremantle. So its the  first letter to the editor. Have a read, the lady makes some damn good points.

So here it is unedited. 

“Well, the amalgamation/ merger of the councils for the moment seems to be off the table but have no fear there will be many shenanigans going on behind the scenes by those who feel they have missed out.  So let us just look at where we are:  of the 3 councils that voted against the merger, East Fremantle would have been totally taken over by Fremantle and the second, Cockburn would have lost some major community facilities to Fremantle.

Personally I feel Fremantle has lost out because the people in those areas clearly have an understanding of our Council that many in Fremantle are blind to.  Maybe we have lost some good fighters.

Never-the-less the people in these areas clearly understand what they would be losing in a merger with Fremantle, as our Mayor Brad Petit kindly outlined in his full page advertisement.   I will comment on one of these.

Loss of Services and facilities.  In the time I have been following this, I have seen many of our facilities disappear.  To quote a councillor “we are not in the business of providing community services”.  One obvious case was the loss to the Stan Reilly Centre which was instigated by the then Fremantle Seniors’ group.  It provided accommodation and a social centre.  Meals on wheels operated out of the building.  There were weekly (and more) dances.  Local older citizens could go there after a visit to the hospital or shopping and have a meal and catch up with friends in a very friendly atmosphere.

This was closed 7 – 8 years ago in order we were told to make way for a Dockers facility.  As we know that didn’t happen and it was left locked up to ratepayers and we were told it was not ”suitable“ for residency.  Never the less as we know the Dockers fell through and the facilities have been occupied by the homeless by St Patrick’s Community care.   In the meantime the Stan Reilly Centre is still occupied by the homeless, who no doubt have needs but not at the price of dislocating, disinheriting and ignoring our actual Senior Ratepayers and residents.

The original residents of the centre were sent out to the “Boon docks” as my Canadian friend called it.  Another quote from a councillor (maybe the same one) at that time (2010) was “the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want old people wandering Fremantle because they don’t buy anything”.

The seniors were given the One Stop Shop in the Council building facing onto the street.  I do suggest people take a look at the size and facilities provided.  When a sign was put up above the One Stop Shop it said “for the over 55’s and wider community”.  It is operated by volunteers and one staff member, and has activities for the community.  Any meetings are run by the staff member who tends to veto suggestions that do not meet the Council’s vision (ie , not what the citizens want or need).  When I was there we were treated like children and unable to make our decisions.  For a while now it has offered free cups of tea of coffee and biscuits for visitors.  As it is by the Town Square it is not surprising the sorts of people that visit, some sitting for hours on a seat, clearly putting off any genuine older person from entering or visiting.  Because it is for the “wider community”, volunteers have difficulty stopping anyone coming in.

We did have Chinese language lessons, in the next room to a choir practising and the noise of the square made hearing the sounds impossible.  The person running it is very keen to pursue this but a suitable space has not been found.

In the afternoon the sunshine pours in.  There seems to be no air conditioning, and if there is, it can’t function as the door to the square has to be left wide open summer and winter so that it is welcoming to visitors.   Finally this year two small fans have been provided.

Also, when I asked for an alarm button for the office none was seen suitable.  We were given the numbers of the security officers.  When someone did call the police they were reprimanded.

In addition to this, and despite frequent representation, no alternative site has been found.  But then last year a building was sold (for less than it’s worth).  This was once the South Metro Youth Centre.  But has been empty for a while and was once a recreation centre.

So, this is an example of how Fremantle treats its older citizens.  You may be like me when I was 65 never imagining I would go to a seniors’ centre.  It took a while but it was the older seniors who have convinced me of the need.  I worked at the One Stop Shop with an older lady and her continuous questioning roused my interest.

So Hamilton Hill, Spearwood and East Fremantle citizens you have done the right thing.  It is not only the elderly, but also the Youth Crisis Centre and the Women’s refuge and other facilities that have suffered the threat of closing.”


multipe stops Its seems the stop sign was put out for seniors before cars, who/whats next?





I don’t know if its all done and dusted yet Roel, still some possibility of shady deals to come.

Fremantle’s Battle for the Burbs Continues, Could East Freo Be Backdoored?


So Yesterday Tony Simpson broke his silence on what’s happening on the merger of council’s.

WA Treasurer Mike Nahan “has told a constituent the State Government will formally abandon its council merger process by revoking Governor’s Orders mandating boundary changes.”

The Premier has promised the Council merger details are imminent it’s reported that the Premier hinted we should here today what going on?

But it seems local government reform has not gone away it’s just on the back burner for the moment.

Further LG Minister Tony Simpson said he is still talking about voluntary amalgamations and has offered no timeline on the withdrawal of governor’s order in regards to boundary change? The question now is what do they mean by voluntary are they referring to Council or the electors, is the door still open for councils to go against the will of the electors/residents and do some dodgy back room deal? “The Premier said there’s no forced amalgamations, again is he referring to the voters or the council?

Reported in the ABC, LG Minister Tony Simpson said “He said he remained open to ideas from any councils still interested in pursuing mergers on a case-by-case basis.

“It’s a voluntary process. I’ll have to wait and see to meet with those local governments,” Mr Simpson said.

“Give them the opportunity and offer them that process, and if they need more time, if they’d like to leave it on the table for longer, I’m open to all suggestions about how we move forward.”

So is this an invitation for councils to go around the wishes of their electors and just drive home their own personal agendas by backdoooring the voters? Could Fremantle and East Fremantle councils just do a deal with Simpson on the side?

Interesting times ahead to see where this ends up, a few egos have been crushed in this exercise already will the electors get a backlash from it? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall of these meetings with Mayors, Ceo’s and the LG Minister.








What is not quite clear in the regards to the East Freo poll, was did the electors vote against the Principle of Amalgamation or was it as you have noted several times Roel against the council that runs/sits in COF chambers?

You did note several times that people should look past the current ideology driven council and look at a possible new election outcome? So if it was that they are voted against not the fundamental idea of the amalgamation? Is it really Barnett’s fault that EF electors don’t want Freo Councils controlling their future? They just possibly thought it wasn’t worth the risk?

Perhaps the original idea of Melville/Freo/EF amalgamation would not have raised the ire of EF electors, allowing the amalgamation to proceed? Now was it Freo council with Kwinana and Melville, who came up with the new border plan, as part of the save Freo Campaign? So in a sense it was their map for amalgamation that was not sold to the electors who voted against it?

It seems many people agree with Amalgamation, so the reform committee listen to council submissions and generally followed them, if they had not had listen they would have been damn for that too.

Now the council wants the state government to pay, for me it doesn’t really matter who pays as a rate payer and tax payer I pay anyway?

The mayor of Freo seems to support the principle of amalgamation so agreeing with Barnett? The minister’s office took on-board councils submissions, put them in place now it’s his fault the Electors voted against the councils plan or submissions?

Barnett did offer money for amalgamation doing ahead, did he offer money for the process falling?

I can see both sides of the argument, it will be an interesting couple of weeks watching it unroll.

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