‘Temporary’ booze bid anger | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Source: ‘Temporary’ booze bid anger | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great Thinking Allowed piece by Richard Mehan from Fremantle on the J-shed development

Richard brings to light the lack of representation local residents and rate payers in reality have from elected members.

The council lack of respect for heritage sites in Fremantle and a whole raft of issues they just tossed aside to drive the latest booze barn idea.

Richard brings to the front many good points on the inappropriate size and nature of this development.

Whats perfect is the notice calling for Nominations for the upcoming local government elections in October, the piece is a perfect lead into a such an ad.

So have a read of Richards piece it shows the lack of concern the council has for our local heritage, rate payers/residents, tourism, the local business, residences, etc.

Not to mention this development goes in exact contradiction to the councils own alcohol policy.

What effect will this have on the other business in the area, the operation of the tourist sites, etc.

The area has no parking and will quickly fill local parking  bays impacting on all local businesses and residences.

Across the road is a TAFE what impact will this venue have on their operations, is it really appropriate to have a such a large licensed venue so close to a place of education, I wonder how many under 18’s are attending this college?

The issues go on and on, its simply in the wrong location.

Fremantle Faction Facts


Source: 2015 Local Government Kick – Off |

Well not quite what Brad was telling in his letter to the Herald last week was it ?

Faction fiction His Piece on no party politics in council seems to fly in the face of the greens ad above on the basics of starting in local government. Their statement “With strong Councillors on Local Government throughout the Western Australia, we will be able make sure we all have a brighter greener future!” I take that as green Councillors?

So I suppose as long as the rest of the community agrees with their ideology that’s great but sadly the %’s from state and federal government elections cast the truer reality of where peoples politics lie that’s not even mentioning all the smaller parties and independents.

Then we have  Brads comment that he does not support individual candidates as I quote ” I will not be endorsing any individual candidates as the mayor needs to work with whoever is elected.”

Well that’s not what the history of the last election tells us, as he clearly supported candidate in that one, did he not?

Local issues are not what state and federal politics are based on, this is clearly evident in Fremantle as we see basic community amenities so poorly catered for, (public toilets for instance) yet plenty of time, energy and cash for their green political issues.

Its important not to just listen to what they say but watch for how they vote in council, as that shows their true ideology.

Have a read of the two links to the articles, the stories tell the true picture and the contradiction between them. Again read the info and decide for yourself.

Unfair advantage claim over ad | Fremantle Herald Interactive


Source: Unfair advantage claim over ad | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Great piece in the Fremantle Herald on Friday, covering the shocking waste of rate payers funds, in an ad that tells us nothing new. Though is conveniently timed just before the local government as an attempt to tell us what a great job they are doing.

Claudia Green makes some great points in this piece, well worth a read if you are interested in the use of your rates.

If people read the figures and look at the details, it shows very little action on development in the never ending billion dollar pipeline that Mayor Brad loves to go on about. At the last election we heard “Lets finish what we started”, perhaps it should have been “lets start what we have been talking about”.

We can’t get a clean functioning toilet in town, yet we have thousands of $$$ to spend on self promoting ads at rate payers expense for Councillors benefit, just before the 2 yearly election, nothing “suss” there right?

As I have mentioned before its all about priorities, clearly the rate payers and residents amenity seems to be low or  non existent on that priority list?

River tunnel gets minister’s ear | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Source: River tunnel gets minister’s ear | Fremantle Herald Interactive Perth Freight Link issue

Just a few clarifications, while I did speak to Main Roads about the PFL their meeting was not 90 mins, they suggested another person who gave us a 90 mins meeting which lead to the meeting with Dean Nalder. Whom I must say was very generous with his time and open to our suggestions. I imagine he has dozens of restricting issues let alone how much they it would cost.

Also our idea was a little more sophisticated than dumping the rocks over the end of the port, but the intent or suggestion was to use the earth extracted from the tunnel to further extend the port for space, giving the port almost double its dock  current space, freeing up other space for residential or mixed space use, partly to offset the additional cost of tunneling option. A huge cost and time saving issue i’m sure?

The main idea if we had a tunnel and motorway that serviced the area it would work for the port , then at a later date if it had another use, the motorway access would service its next function as well as freeing up our major roads from through traffic, these are the  roads used by local residences and businesses.

It has the potential to seriously lighten traffic on

  • Stirling Hwy
  • Old Fremantle bridge and Queen Victoria St
  • Hampton Rd
  • High St
  • South St
  • Canning Hwy
  • Curtin Ave
  • etc.

Again the point is if the PFL is going to be built, trying to get the best possible outcome for Fremantle, its business and residents, instead of just a motorway in and out of the port.

Perhaps not perfect but the 1st step in a bigger conversation for the greater benefit of Fremantle.



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