Fremantle Time to Update Google



I was checking out some streets on google Fremantle maps again tonight and was annoyed to find out google is not quite as accurate as it could be for how it defines Fremantle as a greater city.

Its seems when you type into google “Fremantle map” it does not give an accurate representation of the suburbs.

Now while the definition of Fremantle changes in the political arena i.e. state and federal government it should be accurately reflected by the local governments boundaries?

Type this into google “map of Fremantle suburbs”  this is what I got.

Strangely WGV, Hilton, O’Connor, Hilton and Samson aren’t part of Fremantle but East Freo is. Though I have heard people in the burbs make this comment before especially with the councils strong CBD blinker view of the city and lack of attention to the Eastern suburbs.

Sadly if its on google its considered fact. So maybe it might be good if the council used the google comment section to make some adjustments to get google on the right page.


Perth low density stuns planner – The West Australian

Expert says Perth the lowest density major city he has seen.

Source: Perth low density stuns planner – The West Australian

Currently we see in Fremantle a protest against the Perth Freight Link.

One of the issues driving congestion on roads is obviously more cars.

Now as density increases it is only going to make the issues worse. Seems we are creating problems and then looking for a solution to the problem we have just made for ourselves, wouldn’t it be better to not create the problems in the 1st place.

Fremantle council seems very good at creating its own problems then to spend even more of our rates on finding solutions and then even more money telling us what a great job they are doing at solving problems they have in fact create or made worse.

A few examples

  • Selling car parking and making Freo harder to get into and find car parking, they have spent years giving Freo a anti-car image, then they spent reportedly $20,000 on an app for parking which get a iTunes Customer ReviewsAlmost useless, by nickname1950. Can’t say I have ever met anyone who admits to using it. Problem made, money spent, no solution. Or even better their great big parking signs which are regularly broken and no-one really knows what they mean anyway. More $$$$ gone.
  • It’s a bit like the massive bug killer lamp outside at chambers, great idea, then you look around and see stagnant water everywhere in their street flower pots, made an environment to breed mosquitos, then bought the solution to kill them, brilliant?
  • Mayor Brad says Fremantle is a progressive city so they view graffiti vandalism as art, now we have graffiti everywhere and spend a small fortune cleaning it up and leaving Freo like ghetto that no-one cares about, which in reality should be a thriving tourist destination, another council made problem needing to be fixed.
  • Mayor makes areas for “dedicated begging” in our streets, the solution he made for the problem he created when Perth clamped down on street begging and homeless and our mayor invited them to come to Freo, it surprisingly created another problem, needing to be fixed. What’s not so easy to fix is the dodgy anti-social image it gave Freo killing off more business.
  • Fremantle has an anti-social image with substance abuse driven by the number of large licensed areas in town, Fremantle makes a good alcohol policy then completely ignores it by leasing the J-Shed out for another 1800+ booze barn. Another problem to be fixed in the future?
  • Fremantle has the second worse rating for hard cover surfaces in the 202020 report, then concretes the esplanade, then straight into a new green plan after approving a plan that involved cutting down over 100 mature trees at the Kim Beazley site. They currently say they want to increase the park space in Freo yet are wanting to build or develop on Pioneer Park.
  • Fremantle councils direction over the years has allowed all the negative issues for Fremantle to build up, graffiti, substance abuse,, drunkenness, the need for a spew patrol, anti-social behaviour, loss of parking, the constantly messed with road systems, loss of groups like Myers, causing a loss of visitors frequenting Fremantle, hence causing a loss of business, leaving COF in its current situation, causing Fremantle again to spend $$ fix a problem it help create. Like $42M or is it $44M perhaps $52Million to help regenerate a CBD its help run down. Sorry about the different figures it’s not clear what the is cost is going to be, its only rate payer money, perhaps another issue to fix in the future with a massive rate hike for instance?

The scenery our new Hilton guests can view from their windows


The scenery our new Hilton guests can view from their windows

Does this seem logical to anyone, you could go with dozens of examples like this.

Now we come to density. So we cut block sizes, up the R-code, increasing hard surface coverage, causing more mature trees to be destroyed, increasing the population then yell about not building road to help with congestion caused by increasing density. Now as people don’t have backyards we have to build more parks and connections to the ones we have, another problem caused by council to then need fixing.

Here’s a quote from the article

“Perth’s the lowest density major city I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Mr Gordon said the good news was that Perth had land near major roads and railways that could be developed. He said it was not always necessary to “disturb stable residential communities” to do infill well.

“You’ve got miles and miles and miles of main roads just strung with dreck, low density shopping centres half abandoned, car dealerships, industrial areas . . . these are fantastic opportunities for infill and growth,” he said.”

So why is our council driving density in areas with traffic congestion issues in some cases over R100? Why are we doing infill to areas that are stable residential communities, building more problems like destroying tree canopy, increasing congestions, lowering services, increasing rates, causing more disputes with neighbours over development. Not ensuring suitable parking is allocated for new developments, only to cause more disputes in the future.

Fremantle’s road infrastructure has been eroded over the years, now by having one of the higher density increases in the metro area, these problems are being added to, while all the necessary services needed to help cater for this increase in density are not being supplied.

The Council has blindly followed Barnett’s government infill strategy while getting none of the services needed to support the density increase. We see more people coming to the area, no improvements or even plans to improve Public Transport. We have seen thousands of jobs leave the Freo CBD, yet more people planned to live here. If you want all these people to live here would it be better to ensure jobs are here for them, so they all don’t have to drive miles to get work, again adding to the congestion issues. Let’s face it you struggle to get a pair of kid’s school shoes in Freo and the council calls Freo the second city for the state.

Are residents happy about it judging by the satisfaction survey I guess not?

So again they have created another plan to create more problems only needing to be solved in the future. Every $ spent fixing a problem they made or help make is a $ less spent on services to rate payers and residents.

Of course we can increase density in perth buts lets do it where we have the infrastructure and the right ingredients to make it work well. I guess they will just add their poor density and its impacts to their legacy of solutions needing to be found?

Fremantle Bias Where We Need Balance

Bias_Pio-Clementino_Inv279 (1)

Do I blindly accept the governments Perth Freight Link (PFL) old options, of course not.

The real question on the various issues before Fremantle is, do we get a balanced source or feed of information? Sadly Fremantle council is deeply entrenched in partly politics, labor, greens and even the little known socialistic something, whatever they call them. To give us all the pros and cons of the various issues, as it doesn’t suit their political agendas.

Personally I can see some major faults with the government’s old PFL plans but currently we don’t actually know what is planned for the PFL.

As the current Transport Minister has asked for 3 new proposals from 3 different consortiums with some that do not even build roads!

Personally I find it hard to protest something, I don’t even have the facts on, that’s not saying the current government will not drive some 1/2 cocked idea. The issue before us, can we make an intellectual objection before we 1st have facts on what we are objecting to.

I have major issue with council’s current fear mongering over the PFL? What’s that you ask, well 1st of all it’s not much to with trucks. It’s mostly to do with cars. Cars are the major part of the PFL issue if anyone has bothered to check the real facts/data, its cars that are the majority of traffic clogging the road systems we are discussing.

Before I forget the so called PFL will not make more trucks carrying containers, that’s just pure bullshit. What makes more containers in a port, is people buying things that need to be imported. This is one of Fremantle’s council major problems, fact or fiction, all that drives the ports increase in containers is demand for offshore or imported products. If people bought more Australian made or produced products we would need to import less. Hence less containers, a new road will not make more trucks it will only depend on what is imported into the country.

The council supports a group like Aldi coming to Fremantle, guess what, they import huge amounts of product from overseas, which means more containers, more trucks, etc. Try supporting local business and lessen the demand for imported goods, less containers, less trucks.

So getting back to the cars, if someone is against expanding or increasing the road network for cars, personally I respect that point of view but only to a point. If that person uses a car but objects to new car drivers adding to the network, that’s a double standard. You can’t expect to use a car yourself and then expect everyone to use something else? Just recently I went to the Stock Rd and Winterfold Rd protest, not surprisingly to see cars parked everywhere, imagine going to a protest to complain about the road network you just drove on to get to the protest, does no one find that hypocritical? It’s a little like seeing a protest or something similar at Freo in the evening and seeing all the street parking full on a Tuesday night, if you are going to demand people divest money from fossil fuels stop buying petrol or diesel yourself 1st.

One of the real problems is,  the council is actively promoting fear or hate mongering with little facts,  one day they are driving the PFL thru East Fremantle, the next thru Hilton or Hamilton Hill, it can’t be both or all 3 so which is it? Well, what they are hoping is for is to trigger all the nimby attitudes to protest everything with little or no facts, fear is what they hope to drive, is this what’s best for Freo or is it their own personal political futures.

If people expect to drive cars u cannot expect to double the population over 50 years and not increase the road network? So if u drive a car and protest the increase of the road network like 80% of our council who drive cars, you are just another hypocrite, like them. Our council is quite good at “Do as I say, not do as I do”.

Our council should be working for the best possible outcome for Freo not their own personal political benefit.

If this road is going to go ahead as most of the councillors seem to believe it will from what u hear at council meetings, wouldn’t it be better to try and be part of a plan and ensure that Fremantle gets the best possible outcome. Instead of behaving like a spoilt child, stamping their feet and screaming no no no no no.

There must be a better way to do the Link than knocking down people’s homes along High St and Leach Hwy. If the tunnel option is taken that sort of cancels the whole fear campaign the council is driving on that front.

So far, apart from putting everything on the rail which does not seem to be possible, or shifting the port to Kwinana, i.e. just pushing the problem to some else’s back yard. I have not heard any solutions on what happens if the PFL was cancelled. The demand for imported stuff is not going away, the trucks that carry the containers even if rail is doubled will not lessen as the port continues to increase volume. The # of cars will continue to increase. The congestion will continue to worsen. The councils increasing the density of our suburbs which will bring more cars and congestion. Their fables of rail links running everywhere just aren’t going to happen. They are blindly adding density with no ability to add the needed ingredients to make the density sustainable or workable. We are more than likely to just get extra people and cars in our suburbs with no added infrastructure, lets be honest the Fremantle councils record on getting deliverables from any colour of state government is less than poor.

So what is the solution?

What is the impact on Fremantle if we increase the rail through town? Noise, vibration, pollution, etc.

What safety issues would it cause at all the level crossings through Fremantle, this could happen 30 to 100 times a day depending on which scenario is used, can u imagine how Fremantle would function with a 100 trains and day going through the city.

  • Fremantle cut roads by train
    • Phillimore
    • High St access for round house
    • Bathers beach pedestrian crossing
    • Warden Lance
    • Mews Rd
    • Capo D’Orlando Drive
    • Intersection at Scott St
    • Ocean Rd
    • Rollinson Rd

Imagine going to South Beach with a 100 trains a day going past, how many people and pets will end up getting injured or killed at the multiple crossings, along this track, not mention the noise, vibration and smell. I don’t imagine that would be great for cockburns new coastal community around the old power station development. It would also kill all the property prices along the coast for the new developments between South Freo and Cockburn

What impact will it have in Spearwood/Cockburn where trains would cut off at least 3 major roads with 30 to 100 trains a day going through the suburbs?

What safety issues would it have for homes in Spearwood where the train track is higher than the roofs of the house and only metres away?

Would the extra trains past the Round House have any impact with vibration?

The real problem is the whole issue is not being addressed by anyone, it’s just each camp yelling the loudest on what they are against, is anyone looking at all the pros and cons and giving a true picture of what is best for Fremantle and being honest about what impacts different scenarios would have on different parts of Fremantle.

What does Kwinana think of Fremantle kicking its problem further down south? The government doesn’t have the billions needed to build a new port down there.

Where will the increasing number of cars go to without new road infrastructure, you will frequently hear some Fremantle Councillors rattle on about the international known facts that more roads means more congestion, strange then, that governments all over the world are spending trillions on Hwys, Freeways, Motorways etc.

So before we jump onto the council’s bandwagon of screaming no, what are we saying no too and what will be the effects of doing nothing or implementing a different approach, considering we don’t have details/facts on anything yet?



Aldi Doesn’t Pass Hiltons Check Point Charlie

check point charlie

Great showing from the Hilton residents tonight, voicing their concerns over the proposed Aldi supermarket.

They approached the meeting as a solid voice and they were heard.

The list of the community concerns raised, are in no order of priority.

  • The Traffic study timings where not done until after the Hilton Fresh closed, so that the modelling would have been very misleading, well under stated. (Imagine the impact on traffic if Brad had got his + 4 stories of apartments on top?)
  • The cut in almost 50% of parking on the site from what’s currently available.
  • The increase of on street parking with less car parking bays available.
  • The increase of traffic to the area that Aldi would bring, with no small business to benefit from it.
  • Loss of 10 small business and essential services i.e. Post office.
  • The impact on the amenity of the community with losses of the post office for the infirm and elderly.
  • Loss of a community centre where locals can gather.
  • Killing of the village feel with another wall running down south St.
  • The serious concern of how the council had done nothing to inform the precinct of the development.
  • No notification to residents that a major issue was before council, nothing new there.
  • The fact that the Green Plan for Hilton has been completely ignored with the lack of park space in the area.
  • Even thought they had no notice and limited time they still got 462 signatures on a petition against Aldi development from just 3 business having the petition. That’s all locals who actually use the site currently.
  • Hilton is an ignored suburb, with council’s time, effort and our cash going into mostly CBD oriented issues.
  • Hilton has had promises from council for decades but no delivery on such promises.

Sadly from what I have read online, the council decision was probably not swayed by the Hilton residents passion, but Brad/council did fail to get their desired height and density. Aldi did not follow his design ideology to add to his flattering attempts to increase density anywhere he can. It would be interesting to see which way the councils vote would have gone, wall or no wall, if they got their wish for an apartment block on top. I would think that would have got it over the line with this council.

Brad has been supportive of Aldi coming to the area “Let me star by saying I have no fundamental problem with an Aldi coming to Fremantle or Hilton. They are undoubtedly going to be a major player in supermarkets in WA in coming years.”  Once again Brad Pettitt is happy to increase the density of a precinct, compound the traffic issues, quadruple the parking problems, and further erode the community amenity while still doing nothing to improve any amenity which his own green plan calls for. Where would all the kids play Brad, in your next new high-rise, the road reserve of South St? So perhaps before he goes off on more large concrete blocks/towers to live in, he could look at a park the area badly needs, for the young families in the area. There must be a few around as every time I get my Hair cut at Johns, there are always kids waiting for a haircut. It seems to be the cart before the horse with this council.

A quote from the Herald which did a nice story covering the impact on residents and local businesses,  you would think council would not support trying to kill them off. “Ms Mecklai also laments the likely demise of the long-planned hub, fearing it will increase pressure on the heritage garden suburb to build more unpopular infill housing. She’s concerned the cumulative effects of ALDI, a proposed Spudshed and a new development at the old Dulux site off Hines Road will create a traffic nightmare.”

Another amazing thing is that a mayor/council which is supposedly into sustainability, would support an offshore company setting up in Freo, killing off local family business, one over 35yrs old. I guess that’s because they are progressive*. I suppose food miles is not part of their sustainability model, I guess all those heavily packaged products come in by solar or wind powered ships. Not to mention if Aldi uses the word meat/beef on a package its open to interpretation on the source of that protein. Sounds much better than local grown, prepared food products, NOT.

Again it was Councillor Massie who brought common sense and practicality to the room and got the loudest round of applause from the gallery I have heard after his statement on the project. Which started out as a support for Aldi coming to the area, but moved over to community concerns, loss of small business and actually came up with an alternative site just up the road ,which brought a huge round of applause. Great to see a Councillor not just against the idea but with a good alternative location for consideration, possibly a better site for Aldi, which in its 1st impression made the community very happy.

Aldi did have a representative there who spoke supporting the Aldi proposal. To be fair to Aldi the wall they have in the plan is not their 1st choice but due to a 10 metre road reserve running along that part of South St. This is more a state government and council issue as Aldi have to plan to what’s in actual place for laws/requirements, not the lame promises of council to see what they can do to fix it. Not surprising why council was planning Aldi’s new business model, with apartments over the top, they were not aware that WA state laws make it difficult for supermarkets to run with apartments above, with ownership laws/rights confusing  issues, compromising the operation etc. Perhaps that’s why it’s best for council, to let business come up with its own models or concepts and council stick to concreting parks.

All this said, it will probably come down to the SAT at state government level giving it the tick or not. Lets hope Aldi is open to a possible new location and embraces community concerns leaving the door open for them to be a good corporate citizen and start off on the right foot with the community they will need as customers.

WA today has a story on the issue here is there link

Aldi in Perth: Fremantle council sends supermarket packing


* Progressive;  Open to or favoring new ideas, policies, or methods. The problem is its not always for the best, and in many cases they are so wrapped up in being progressive, that the actual outcome or impact is lost to reality. As some say, change for the sake of change.

Fremantle’s $97.5 Million Question?

pile of money

Recently we saw on City of Fremantle’s the CEO’s response to questions that have been raised by residents of Freo.

Now it’s fair to assume that this response would contain actual answers, well that would be just that, an assumption, as it had a lot of words but if anything raised more questions.

New questions;

  1. Who made the $97.5 million valuation, was this part of the top secret leedwell business case, is this one of those amazing trade secrets that leedwell needs the city to keep secret? Did this figure come from the city or leedwell?
  2. How is that the building that has not been built yet will double in value in 20 years when the queensgate building which was actually earning $750, 000 a year in revenue is now worthless ( according to the CEO), make sense, no I don’t get it either?
  3. Now the council building we have has depreciated so far it almost worthless yet the one that is only a plan will double in value, clear?
  4. If the Building is going to double in value in 20 years as stated by the CEO, we should spend a $100 million, then we would have $200million in assets, right, no I didn’t think so either?
  5. Why is the library underground in the cellar, well perhaps so they can try and lease out the street level to cafes and shops, well at least you can’t a coffee to keep u warm before u go underground?
  6. Is it the Magic $97.5million figure that gives a $4million+ NPV? is the $97.5 millions correct in relation to the positive NPV they state?
  7. I wonder if the Mayors magic money figure referring the town hall takes into account the value of money comparable from the 1800’s to today, not to mention the generations of repair cost, not that he would know anything much about spending on repairs to our town hall?
  8. How long before a residential factor is brought into the Kings Sq development?
  9. How long before we find out if the DOH is coming to Freo?
  10. Who made the $97.5million dollar figure, ask already I know but it’s the one that counts?
  11. Last week the council discussed requested changes to the point st project for the Hilton site, it appears they are struggling to get retail tenants for the that block, that said I wonder if a site with a Hilton hotel going in  is struggling for lessees where that would leave the city of Fremantle with their Kings Sq leases?

Good news though since COF first approved the 1st points st plans the developer has increase about


at least someone has a sense of reality. Still hundreds below the requirement but an improvement anyway.

Here is the COF Kings Sq site link have a read of the CEO’s response, see if it makes sense, don’t be too concern if you find its confusing, it as it certainly doesn’t answer the questions raise? Still its important you have a read and make up your own mind, that’s hard since they are still hiding documents from us, but we just do the best we can with what’s available as it is $45million dollars of our money?

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