First Solar, Dumps Fremantle Solar Farm Idea

The proposed developer of a 10-megawatt solar power station in South Fremantle has withdrawn from the project, citing issues with the market and the development site, which previously housed landfill.

Source: New developer for Freo solar project | Business News

This is one issue the rate payer and residents need to watch carefully.

The USA based First Solar has dumped freo council solar dream due to “limited site capacity and market issues”. I take this to be it does not generate enough power to make it worth while and the no-one wants to pay enough to make it profitable.

Hense this is where the the rate payers need to watch out. As there is a new player interested which, I imagine will have the same issues the last provider had.

So what we need to be cautious of are any deals the COF makes to take that generated power and at what price?

We clearly have a council obsessed with their one planet, green party political ideas, so to what lengths  (our money) will they go to get this project off the ground? What premium price would COF pay for that power generated to suit their ideology at the rate payers expenses?

Another issue for Fremantle rate payers to watch, a deal here could impact the citys finances for years? The tighter the projects finances, the longer the deal they will want

To be sure its the rate payers who pay for these ideologies thru the nose

No Representation for Burt St, What’s New?


Fremantle, City Council kicked off 2015 , showing what representation means in Fremantle,  Bugger All.

After looking over public submissions they are massively against the proposed zoning at  R-160, did that sway council 1st night of vote for 2015?, at 4 councillors for R-160 and 2 against, I guess not?

So we will wait to see at full council, what ward representation means to COF elected members. Be interesting to hear Brads comments on the situation

This development will be over 30M high, towering over the arts centre.

Will have approx 290 apartments.

Approx 900 people, to this tiny block.

Does this represent the best interest of the electors in the Burt St area, or is more in the ideological interests of council? Support

Is anywhere in Fremantle safe, from council ideology, could your suburb be next, would u be happy to have a 30+M high building across your home, some 900 people added to a block near u?

We often hear the term nimby (not in my back yard) well now days it could be any of us.

3 yrs ago would White Gum Valley residents expect council to approve 100 + trees to be cut down on 1 block. 150 + residents put in submissions against it did it help, not likely

3 yrs ago would Fremantle residents have believed that council would approve tonnes of concrete to be poured into a park in Fremantle, well it happened.

3 yrs ago would they expect council to vote for allowing a booze barn to be set up on a A-class and fence it in, well it happened.

3 yrs ago would people in North Fremantle expect council to be talking up a 40M+ building in McCabe st, well its happening.

3 yrs ago would Freo Residents in Outer suburbs have expected council to be proposing parking limits of hours in front of their homes for street parking, well its happening.

3 yrs ago would residents of Burt St have expected council to drive R-160 in Burt St, with 47 strong worded public submissions against the proposal well u guessed its happening, anyway

What we would expect is bugger all parking for this development, and u guess it, bugger all, is what we got,  just as well we have a Ward system to ensure our views are represented by our elected members, yes u guessed it representation, we get/got bugger all of that too.

A piece on it by the Herald



1st night of council @ Freo 4 2015

burt st 2 google earth

32°02’46.09″ S 115°45’24.28″ E google earth

Well council kicked off 2015 tonight with Planning Services committee.

All were onboard, we heard that Brad is on Holidays.

So while we are into  a new year the issues the residents are taking/complaining  to council are still the same.

Tonight there where residents amenity,  traffic, density, R- Rating being set to high (seriously from R-25 to R160 that’s a hell of a jump for across the road), open space,  loss of tree canopy a few others and finally u guessed it, PARKING.

It makes u question the lifestyle u buy into  today with  a stroke of the your quite urban heritage style street precinct could get a R-160 zoning in a quiet place like that of Burt st, Vale St, and Skinner st, just NE of the arts centre, west of East st (Google Map). Can u imagine some 900 people being added to that little area.

Tonight this group of residents brought up the issue of representation and were is theirs,  53 public submissions on the issue 47 against the proposal.

Seems strange to have such a massive density in an area with plenty of physical challenges, some issues raised in the submissions and by residents talking to night.

  • Limited infrastructure
  • Train station 2 kms away, unusual for such high density planning, strange choice for a new social housing development
  • Limited road size and ability for such heavy traffic
  • Narrow roads and footpaths
  • Limited access to bus routes
  • No shops
  • Small footpaths
  • Massive R-160 increase
  • Not greenfield but infill
  • Limited or no parking, the area already has a massive parking issue
  • Steep hills
  • How much open public space will there be
  • Impact on amenity of the local residents some have been there for 50yrs
  • Lack of primary school access
  • Lack of community services
  • Destruction of heritage value in the area
  • Petty crime is already and issue

I could go on but u get the idea, as i will try and keep this brief.

So allot of angry people there tonight.

It will be interesting to see were this issue finally comes out.

In general their seemed to be an issue of moving things or items along tonight, not in a meeting sense but that the fact that several councillors made mention of the looming date of 1st of July 2015, the day proposed for commissioners to take the helm of our city for a yet to be undetermined time. So it looks like council will be trying to push through as much as they can to leave their mark on our city before C-Day. Lets hope these issues are all in the best interest of the residents and rate payers.

Lets hope for 2015 we get an independent commissioner, and a October 2015  local government election. Giving the electors of Fremantle the best democratic outcome.

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