Repost; Fremantle Council, on the nose over Dunnys

I thought it was time to re-post this article from earlier in the year, after listening to some of the debate at the Special Projects Committee last night.

The conversation was in the “Update on the Fremantle Activity Centre Structure Plan”. I was quite surprised and thought I had heard wrong, when Councillor Fittock describe how good and clean Fremantle public toilets are, while referencing his trip to the UK and the poor state he found the local ablutions in a town he had visited to be.

While I have no idea how these toilets where in the UK he referenced to then think the state of toilets in Fremantle are in good condition is quite laughable.

I have often heard  comments in Freo that people really miss Myers as at least there you had toilets that are functioning, clean and safe.

In the last 5 years have seen less public toilets in Fremantle with the closure of Myers and Point St car-parks.

Its still a nightmare for parents who need to change or tend to babies and infants needs. Considering the volume of people attending the Round House, Arthur’s Head a major tourist area the facilities there are woeful.

Council really needs to get a grasp on reality for issues like this?

Fremantle Council, on the nose over Dunnys

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I see in the Chambers Newsletter they have an article or info piece on toilets from the COF and a link to a survey.

So it seems while the City of Fremantle has what you think would a responsibility in managing the city to supply such amenities as basic as public toilets?

In the survey they are trying to gauge the response from business owners/operators to open up their own toilets for public use?

For a city that has some of WA, major tourist attractions this is pretty P1ss weak to say the least. You think if you paid rates as a business that these would be basic services a city would provide in at least the CBD?

Back in December 2104 ‘From the Chambers” (gives a new meaning right), the report identified the need I quote to “Provide for high quality public amenities (toilets etc.) that can be integrated with other activity to provide surveillance.

Below are a list of recent toilet comments, petitions, complaints, workshops etc., showing this issue and its neglect by the COF

  • ” June 2104 feedback from the leisure centre shows a need for maintaining toilets cleanliness
  • Arthur head placemaking brought up toilets as in issue in 2013?
  • Article in the gazette, “Public toilet facilities raise a stink
  • Article in the herald,  “BEACH LOO BLUE
  • Article in the herald  “COUNCIL TAKES 4 DAYS TO CLEAR LEIGHTON LOO”
  • Bill Massie has raised the issues of Toilets in the CBD, High St Mall, not being enough, easy to find or being closed, he was scoffed at by fellow Councillors for raising the issue? Funny considering the toilet petition was in their ward?
  • Approx. 4 yrs. ago a 1000 strong petition was reportedly handed to council to fix toilets and upgrade south beach facilities which have been described as 3rd world, still waiting?
  • Point St Car-park toilets have been closed?
  • No proper facilities or changing rooms for parents with babies?
  • In 2011 the International placemaker/vagabond David Engwicht, mentioned the message toilets sent in Kings Sq, about how they looked, I wonder what message it sends when you can’t find any, perhaps it send a message don’t stay to long or we don’t care?
  • They built a skate park for kids to use no toilet facilities, so where do u think the kids go, u guessed it right in the park.
  • Council plan is to give the toilet problem to the local businesses and all the associated problems with it, side note saw a great you tube from CC on this sort of idea last year, its classic?
  • Council made a local business trying to install a toilet, life as hard as possible to do?

Would health inspectors allow businesses to run with toilets in the condition the city maintains theirs?

Is this how the COF, activates Fremantle?

What does the city have against toilets is the same as their anti-car campaign, maybe it’s because they use water, is this a new water saving initiative by council, we divest in toilets to save waste??

When a developer needs 3 million $$$ investment to drive their business model no problems, when it comes to years of complaints from ratepayers, residents, visitors, for basic amenity is there any action? Who what us please, no press time there?

We, wonder why people are drawn to big shopping centres, a few hints, cleanliness,  safety, little anti-social behaviour, clean safe toilets, parent comfort rooms, no over flowing bins, open shops, oh and plenty of car-parking, perhaps a few pluses in their favour?

It’s the basic’s, always the same, having toilets, maintaining the ones they have, emptying rubbish bins, not photo opportunities I know, but basic to the successful activation of our city, not to mention this is a basic service the aforementioned pay you to do, or not??

The stench of urine, is not a plus in the grunge appeal?

Concerns over Kings Square raised – Community Newspaper Group

Concerns over Kings Square raised – Community Newspaper Group.

Actual question raised in parliament a little different than how is was portrayed in the article when u read all 5 questions together. See below

(1) Is the Minister aware of community concerns over how the City of Fremantle has represented the financial implications of their $45 million investment of ratepayer funds in its Kings Square Business Plan, and if so, what action has the Minister taken to address these concerns?
(2) Has the Minister directed the City of Fremantle to answer legitimate ratepayer questions concerning the Kings Square Business Plan, and if not, why not?
(3) Has the Minister conducted a full and proper investigation into the questions raised with regard to the Kings Square Business Plan:
(a) if so, what were the findings; and
(b) if not, why not?
(4) Is the Minister satisfied that the Kings Square Business Plan:
(a) accurately represents the financial implications that the $45 million project will have on the City of Fremantle’s asset base; and
(b) correctly represents the rate of return and net present value derived from this investment of ratepayer funds?
(5) Is the Minister satisfied that the Kings Square Business Plan contains sufficient detail for ratepayers and Councillors to properly understand whether this project increases or decreases the asset base of the City of Fremantle, and if so, for what reason?

What the article failed to report where all the questions, which brings balance to the question as a whole.

Were the questions looked at the business plan from an “isolation and from a commercial viewpoint” are not really relevant for the questions that are being raised and are not whether the idea for the Business Plan is a good one or not but whether the business plan financials are supported by the documentation that are hidden from view.

I find it amazing that a paper writes a report and has made no real effort to find out what the real questions the resident originally asked of the COF. Isn’t this the main point of the whole issue and why the city of Fremantle has not answered a residents questions over a period of 7 months or so? Also why the Minister for LG hasn’t assisted a resident in getting legitimate questions answered when asked?

If they had read the Mayors thinking allowed piece in the Herald his first statement is that a Mr Lee took the questions to Mr. Tinley, the community news reports a community group spoke to Mr Tinley, which one was it, it appears that Mr Tinley’s reported comment differs from the Mayors?

Further to that the community news has not asked for a comment from the residents who took the issue to Peter Tinley in the first place to add some balance to the story. At the moment it looks like a PR piece for the COF saying it’s all good nothing to see here folks.

You would expect a paper or media source to at least be interested in whether all the facts are being are looked at and released?

A $30,000,000.00 question might be worth looking into and as it stands at the moment none of the questions raised by the resident back in October 2104 have been answered, isn’t that a newsworthy point worth printing. Is the community news even aware of what the original questions that were asked of the COF are? Did the community news ask about such questions if so why didn’t they report on them, as it’s seems the city is happy to Publish an answer on their website to questions no one has seen? Isn’t that strange in its self?

Well let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.


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