Circus WA Sold Out?


Fremantle council never ceases to surprise me.

Tonight the old naval stores was on the agenda for the lease.

Now as I understand the EOI, where from 2 groups the Circus and a Group called Enkel, again as I understand Enkel was given the lead option for the site though it was done in away for the Circus WA and Enkel to work out a share arrangement. How this was to work I’m not sure as if you give one group the upper hand, why would they comprise?

Nothing against Enkel I don’t know much about them, but it seems to be clear being a long term part of Freo is no advantage, loyalty from COF doesn’t seem to mean much here?

It seems the Enkel group has no place for the Circus WA, the place the Circus WA is in now expects them to leave, leaving another Fremantle group with no home.

While councillors all spoke nice words about Circus WA, their actions went another way going with the Enkel group.

So the discussion will go to full council with only 2 councillors supporting the Circus WA tonight.

As I have said in the past no need to listen to all the fancy words councillors talk all that counts is the vote, tonight they voted NOT to ensure Circus WA stays in Freo.

Now considering the intended use of the cantonment hill master plan requirements to be community use (Circus WA fulfils that) it’s strange the circus school wasn’t given more opportunities for the lease.

Considering the Circus WA will offer 7 day a week activation again strange they weren’t given more opportunity?

They could activate the whole area quite quickly, again strange they weren’t given more opportunity?

So next week we will see if the rest of council will allow the city to lose another icon or vote to try and keep it?

I wonder how many more Fremantle icons this council can afford to lose?

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  1. Martin Lee says:

    Hi Mark,

    Who is Enkel and what do they do?

    Enkel’s website is:

    Looks like a place that runs courses? Or is it? I can’t quite work out what it is. For profit / not for profit enterprise?

    What are their cash flows and what is their ability to take on a long term lease? How are they funded, and who is legally responsible for the payment of their lease in the case of a default? What is the CoF charging them in annual rent? Are their activities to be subsidised by rate payers through cheap rent?

    Here are some quick links to the three directors LinkedIn pages:

    Adam Jorlen – Founding Director:
    Jen Lowe – Founding Director:
    Peter Van Schie – Director:

    Two directors have links to Curtin Uni, as too do a few of the non directors on the Enkel website. How far does this connection go?

    Adam Jorlen’s CV is a particularly entertaining read, not that I understand much of it. Adam has been honoured as an Emerging Fellow by the Association of Professional Futurists. I assume that is a good thing?

    He describes ENKEL as follows: “Its main project is a school / incubator for entrepreneurs, change makers and freelancers with a co-working space, café, garden and maker lab on site.” This sounds like it is a “for profit” enterprise?

    Adam has founded no less than 6 similar initiatives like this in the past 3 years, including one called Superhero Spaces! He is certainly an active incubator of “incubator business”, but I can’t seem to find much reference to the incubation of businesses that are not “incubator businesses”… Baffled? Me too!

    How many other “incubators” has the CoF supported / subsidised in Freo. It does not sound like this is the first. What have these achieved for their CoF support, and at what cost?
    I understand the CircusWA need for support – that’s straightforward!

    The directors of Enkel have been in the work force for 10 – 20 years plus. If they are entrepreneurs when are going to start standing on their own two feet? Or is there more to it? Who knows who, and where are all of the connections with the CoF, as the CoF seem far more aware of Enkel than the rest of us.

    If you have a look at a few of the other initiatives that Mr Jorlen has set up, you will see that the “work labs”, such as the Footscray Maker Lab, take up quite a bit of space. It is possible that space being considered is not idea for Enkel and CircusWA to share.

    It’s all about priorities at our CoF.

    • Mark says:

      All good questions Martin the deeper you dig the more I think you will find.
      I think the questions will build and build as time goes on, each answer leading to more questions as the plot thickens and leads you to further concerns.

      • Joe says:

        Ask yourself this: Have recent contentious decisions made by our Councillors and Mayor been for the benefit of the local residents or have they been made for political benefits? “Doing it for the cause man”. “Its the “word”, “Occupy”. Think they’ll be voting Liberal? Hope nothing falls off the back of a truck come the next council elections.

  2. Mark says:

    Good question Johnny D, (sounds very cool) I don’t think an english literature assessment amounts to much for a blog. What counts is the message and your right, to understand many council decisions in Freo, alcohol would be a must, perhaps that’s why they are driving so many large tavern licenses lately, going against their own alcohol policy but let not bring facts into it right. Or are you just part of Enkel? Or do you just hate Circus schools and children?
    I note you just knock the post without one fact to back up your general sweeping statement.
    Do u have a fact or real comment to make, where my reasoning is wrong? Sorry to bore you with details.

    • Martin says:

      …unlikely to be part of Enkel – they would be open to all interpretations of the English language, present and future.

      Playing the man / preferring gloss over the real message / preferring sweeping statements over facts…

      Perhaps a CoF Councillor writing under a nom de plume?

  3. Des Earle says:

    Interesting points you have made.
    Martin raises some great questions too.
    Makes one think of what hidden agendas may be running here.
    Great to see a few people taking an interest in what is happening in Fremantle and are keeping the wider community informed.
    Good job its appreciated.

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