City of Fremantle’s Howzat, More Spin Than a Warnie Leggie, Kings sq Saga Contines

Can u believe the city of Fremantles attempts to distract attention from the Kings Sq business plan financials? Is there no lengths that COF, will not go to to spin, cover, deflect, smoke screen the questions that have been asked about the details of the Kings Sq business plans?

Anymore spin they would be in for selection for the next Ashes Tour.

For how many years has Brad been promising an announcement “next month” on a the state government department coming to Freo, now we see ch 9 helping to spruke it. The mayor reports on his blog ” This morning Channel 9 took a closer look at what’s happening in Fremantle.”

On Freoview we see reported” Just a small update I received from Simone McGurk who was also interviewed by Nine Morning. She emailed to say the production of that story had started in late March.” Oh the spin continues.

It really makes u wonder about the standard of our journalism in Australia when the news has become nothing more than a place for advertising, PR, spin etc?

Has channel 9 looked into the questions raised by the residents and rate payers of Fremantle, or are they happy to have news become the new PR platform for the CoF, assisting in attempting to distract attention from serious questions asked? Has channel 9 looked at the attack the Mayor Brad Pettitt and Fremantles Ceo, publicly launched on Martin Lee in the Fremantle Herald “Thinking Allowed” piece for raising the questions he did, before running such a so called news story. Or are they just simple pawns in the game? Perhaps Channel 9 should read the code of conduct for the city of Fremantle, and see if this standard was followed by the actions of the Mayor Brad Pettitt in relation to the thinking allowed piece directed at Mr Lee?

Are they aware that questions on Kings Sq have been raised in parliament?

Are they aware of the questions Mr Lee has raised in relation to the financial make up of the plan?


Instead of simply being open, transparent, honest, respectful of the rate payers and residents questions, the COF has chosen to

  1. Ignore the questions asked of them back in October 2014 and continuing to avoid since
  2. Personally attack the person asking the questions
  3. Spend time actively distracting the wider audience from the questions asked, with delays, personal attacks, impressions of Fremantle future look, Promo pieces portrayed as news.

When will the minister for local government ensure that Fremantles residents best interests are addressed?

Why will the city of fremantle not answer these questions?

Why does the mayor of fremantle, a publicly elected official,  not answer the questions of the rate payers and residents, the people he was elected to represent?

Why does the mayor of Fremantle not ensure this process is open and transparent?

What does the city have to hide?

What does the Mayor have hide?

Do all fremantle councillors support the position that the mayor and COF have taken on this issue, ie not answering rate payers and residents questions, of personal attacks on rate payers and residents who ask questions, the lack of transparency? Strangely over the last months the councillors seem strangely quite on this issue, why? The silence is deafening.

Lets be clear we do not question the concept of the development, we do not question, developers and investors taking such developments forward.

We do question why the Mayor of Fremantle and the COF will not answer questions in regards to the details of the make up of the City of Fremantle’s Kings Sq Business Plan?

After 7 months of questions the only question can now be, what are what do they have to hide?

Straight bat my ass.

Due to the lack of action from the minister from local government, the lack of answers from the Mayor Brad Pettitt and the COF,surely it is now time for our Premier to step in, show leadership on this issue and ensure the residents and rate payers of Fremantles, have these questions answered, their best interests seen too and to ensure this business plan finances is a true representation of the final outcome .

The auditor general seems to be the surest way to put this issue to Bed, once and for all, so the city can move on and start the development we so surely need in an open and transparent situation?




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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    Putting the councils to a public audit will take legislative change and of course the AG is independent of govt so it will be Colin Murphy who decides the how, what, when and where but I think there are quite a few councils that sound be scrutinised, and especially if they go in to business with the private sector..

    I can only hope that the parties come together over the need to have the finances of councils more accountable to the people and assist the passage of this legislation, and not obstruct it for various political reasons.

    Other states are becoming aware of the cost of councils on the public – Labor took surprise govt in Victoria in part by promising no new taxes and to keep council rate rises strictly to CPI, forcing councils to work within their budgets.

  2. Bob Law. says:

    I have commented before on the real ideological basis for all this business with COF and private developers and secrecy and ignoring of the questions from citizens and ratepayers.
    I believe we need to understand the basis for all this and then it will become clear as to why all this goes on; then the issues can be addressed properly with that ideological basis in mind; if you do not understand your enemy you cannot fight him.
    The whole basis for all this is Agenda 21, for knowledge of which is easily available and local council actions based on this are happening in Australia and especially in the USA and elsewhere.
    It is implementing through local government that agenda which is UN based; mayor pettit goes to meetings frequently of the overall UN body I understand.
    It is all based on the concept of local government getting into bed with selected private developers to promote the ideological agenda; there you have the local scene; it requires secrecy to be implemented.
    Along with this is the mentality that sees citizens as mushrooms, just to turn up at elections like sheep to vote in the incumbent mob and then to go away as the agenda is then implemented, ignoring the real needs of the citizens and the basis of local government.
    None of this is democracy; it is government by a clique.
    Until we have real democracy at local level this will continue; where is the supervision of local government by the state parliament and ministers?
    The Fremantle Reform and FRRA and othes are to be commended for raising all of this conduct for scrutiny.

    • Diana Ryan says:

      Excellent comment. And no, unfortunately, there is almost nothing under the Local Govt Act that allows councils to be “monitored”. It is why the Dept of Local Govt (and now communitiies) is such a lame duck. It only acts after problems have become obvious and then comes in with baseball bat actions like suspending councils while they investigate after the fact, and of course it is much easier to dismiss a council than to fire or charge staff.

      There is quite a lot of support out there for Auditor General auditing. He is independent of Govt, of course, but although its never been clear it is believed that the AG also began to pick up strains of things amounting to unethical actions, like the use of corporate boxes at sporting events by the board of Healthways.

      Nowadays, of course, with the AG being asked to evaluate whether our cycling network is adequate, they are also turning in to a kind of productivity commission as well. So I think there is some considerable merit to the AG moving to oversight councils actions. It’ll just take a while, unfortunately.

  3. maxine says:

    Hi love your blogs
    You ask lots of good questions
    I see little answers for the residents from the council, they suck.
    I like your articles they have a constant steady position not jumping back and forth like the freoview blog, he seems a little erratic
    I hope you and Mr Lee get the answers u are seeking
    I can see fremantle is a great community with people like you and the Mr Lee in it, trying to keep this whole issue transparent.
    Keep up the good work, its really needed.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks Maxine.
      If u met Roel u will see he is a nice guy.
      The transparency issue,is really for the council to provide, its pathetic that residents have to chase this issue.

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