First Solar, Dumps Fremantle Solar Farm Idea

The proposed developer of a 10-megawatt solar power station in South Fremantle has withdrawn from the project, citing issues with the market and the development site, which previously housed landfill.

Source: New developer for Freo solar project | Business News

This is one issue the rate payer and residents need to watch carefully.

The USA based First Solar has dumped freo council solar dream due to “limited site capacity and market issues”. I take this to be it does not generate enough power to make it worth while and the no-one wants to pay enough to make it profitable.

Hense this is where the the rate payers need to watch out. As there is a new player interested which, I imagine will have the same issues the last provider had.

So what we need to be cautious of are any deals the COF makes to take that generated power and at what price?

We clearly have a council obsessed with their one planet, green party political ideas, so to what lengths  (our money) will they go to get this project off the ground? What premium price would COF pay for that power generated to suit their ideology at the rate payers expenses?

Another issue for Fremantle rate payers to watch, a deal here could impact the citys finances for years? The tighter the projects finances, the longer the deal they will want

To be sure its the rate payers who pay for these ideologies thru the nose

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  1. Diana Ryan says:

    First Solar having dropped the project is significant, given its a successful player here in WA otherwise.

    The Freo Community Wind Farm was described as “nice to have not necessary to have”, and acknowledged as that by the team itself.

    A colleague, who retails to customers using 160,000kWh of electricity or more a year felt both the above projects would struggle, one way or another.

    Freo has saved a lot of money using solar for its sites, and would get what my friend calls “ultra efficient” pricing from WALGA’s four preferred electricity suppliers. I have to wonder if it is necessary to then increase the cost of electricity back to the City by going “solar, wind and geothermal” for the sake of it? The days of being a “model” or a “demo” are over.

    Things need to be more practical now and “sustainability” is a balance across all areas – Freo is struggling in the affordable housing space. People can’t wait until the $1.3 billion pipline is done and a light rail may be built to make the city more “vibrant”. They need help now.

  2. What’s it going to cost the people of the city of Fremantle to have this project? Of what benefit is it to the City of Fremantle and its residents and ratepayers?

    I am sure there are some creative uses for the old waste dump. One Councillor has previously suggested it become a carpark. I’m not sure anyone would want to buy the land as they would get people campaigning against the movement of soil around the area if someone went to develop it. I am sure there are many solutions to the problems down there, but One would think that pouring a concrete slab over the top of the tip could be a start to making the area a viable place again. Maybe use that area as a skate park and basketball courts. Of it it had a concrete clab over the top of it, they could move the car yards down there or turn it into a space where it could be leased out.

    I am a bit concerned that the Mayor might have another hair brained idea, similar to his Warders Cottages proposal, and get a loan for 50 years so they can push the project forward. Of course, he will state that it will be cost-neutral. There’s only a couple of problems with that, try selling a cost neutral project to a commercial entity. He fails to realise that cost neutral doesn’t equal risk neutral.

    I cant believe the people from those nearby streets wanted to plant vegetables down there.

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