Freight Link proves rocky path for past two years – The West Australian

It is almost two years since the Abbott government announced the Perth Freight Link.

Source: Freight Link proves rocky path for past two years – The West Australian

Shame the article misses about 1/2 the discussion on the PFL or Roe 8 as outer harbour or not Fremantles traffic situation is not going to get any better with out some new infrastructure

No matter what the naysayers (nimbys) talk about, non have a solution for the current situation apart from banning cars. Though you hear many complaining about dangerous it is on High st and Stirling hwy intersection.
The council is still driving its suburban in-fill having large projects in Nth Freo bringing thousands of more residence there, most will drive car.
Thousands more residences just south of High St in and around White Gum Valley, who will mostly drive cars.
The huge projects that will develop south of Fremantle in Cockburn also filled with car driving families.

And the best we get is a complaint about a bottle neck forming at Canning Hwy, instead of looking at all the advantages it will bring. and the six or seven bottlenecks that will disappear.

If an editorial is going to be done knocking the issue at least bring to light all the problems that will only get worse by doing nothing.

Also not sure how this project is new as the road reserve for this road has been there since the 50’s the tunnel part is new but not the concept.

Though it was interesting the Gillard Labor government was the 1st to start funding of the PFL, NE with a high st upgrade.

Today we a another stunning relation by the Mayor of Fremantle on FreoView,

Roel and Shane Wright are correct A well known effect of new roads is “induced demand” and add this to a growing capacity for the port that the PFL enables and North Freo will be increasingly unpleasant.
regards, Brad”

So today we see again the basic failure of whats scarcely, city representatives that building a road will increase port activities, the city’s own report paid for by the rate payers, in their next phase of anti-road/anti-car campaigns, say that port in Fremantle will continue to grow even if the Outer harbour is build.

What all these collective ostriches with their heads in the sand will find is that while they are all against the PFL non have said what they would do to fix the current problems with traffic. Our Mayor with out removing the 1st foot from his mouth slams in the second one while stating as you see above , that building roads attracts more traffic, the traffic is building with or with out a new road Brad.

Sadly what they fail to admit is that cities far bigger than Freo have massive road infrastructure in planning and construction.

Here are a few links to see what the world is building despite what a few dreamers think in freo.

Nordhavnsvej (Northern Harbour Link) Project, Copenhagen – Road Traffic Technology

Councils Push fThe Hamburg Port Authority’s Impressive IoT Project – Forbes #fremantleor Big Road Projects, well not Freo Council?

Fremantle Councils Ideology Over World Reality

Remember Fremantles council never lets the facts get in the way of one of  their  good stories.




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