Fremantle Reform Hits a Tonne



Yes last night Fremantle Reform hit a 100 readers signed up for for alerts to new posts.

Cruising past 2000 hits. Not bad for about 3 weeks.

Now i don’t really know how good that is but it made me happy to see people taking an interest.

I also want to thank all the people who comment on the blog, as well as the ones who email me direct, thanks for your advise, support, interest, ideas, the out pouring of support is really pleasing, etc.

I have had a issue with some people not being able to post comments, sorry about that. I have added public certificates that should help your ease your computers security concerns, so if you still have an issue still please drop me a line so i can take care of it.

So everyone have a Great 2015 and thanks again.

perth fireworks

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