Fremantle’s Councils Doctrine Killing the Aussie, Lifestyle, Dream & Future

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Fremantle’s New Look Housing with outdoor entertaining and plenty of storage, coming to your street soon!


Its back, Fremantle councils lifestyle doctrine, telling Fremantle Residents and Rate Payers;

  • How they will live
  • No Choice for you
  • Destroying your asset value and future retirement and that of your families future
  • What size house you can have
  • How many can be in your family
  • How much of your block you can build on
  • How many trees you must have
  • Dictating what your biggest asset may be worth in the future
  • How many cars you can have
  • No you can’t have a boat at your house
  • Families needing work cars, plumbers, electrician, builders, landscapers, food vans, carpenters, plasters, painters, etc, clearly Fremantle does not want the small or family business person living in Fremantle, as they don’t allow space for trade vehicles.

It’s a case of you not being allowed to build what you want anymore in the City of Fremantle, at least if City Ward Councillor Rachael Pemberton gets her way. Anyone who owns or buys property in Fremantle will now be mandated to build what the council wants despite it being completely contradictory to your wishes and typical WA housing standards.

Sounds a but like old USSR, standard state house, standard bike, everyone doing the same, well we know how that worked out. Same in China all the government control of the daily lives of its citizens just leads to unrest, unhappy people, resentment, revolt, its only bad news and lots of miserable people.

Roll that out with their anti-car policy called a parking policy where they intend to limit verge and roadside parking in the outer suburbs to 4 hours, add that to the one car policy for your home, means they intend to limit your family to one car. Check out the interview i had on WestTv last year.

Undercurrent – Fremantle Parking Curbs

Its all bad news for property owners, anyone planning to subdivide a block, as these new policies will hit the value of you properties, with all the restrictions that will be placed on them, people would rather choose another suburb to buy in, wouldn’t you?

Fremantle councillor wants to launch ‘tiny house movement’ in Perth

If someone wants to build a small house or cottage then go ahead I’m all for people having a choice but to then make policy/law  limiting the size of people’s houses or limiting the number of cars you can keep on your property is ridiculous, we have enough restriction as it, the biggest concern when building a new house in an existing suburb is its impact on existing residents.

So people of Fremantle its quite clear that our council is driven by the Green political agenda and NOT you the residents best interests or amenity, just be quiet and do as you are told. Is this the councils idea of representation, I wonder how many people in the city ward feel this is reflective of what they expect from their representative?

Ban plastic bags, no encouragement to use a better product just another ban, pointless if its just Fremantle

Ban balloons

Ban Cars

Ban roads

Ban small business people that need cars, utes, vans etc.

Now its ban a family home and restrict how you can live.

So kids if you are looking forward to getting a car when you are old enough this council does not want as a resident, as they only want one car per house.


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  1. freoishome says:

    Mark, Your reaction is totally over the top.

    Firstly this doesn’t apply to all the current homes etc, they will not change. This is about future development. Secondly this isn’t about banning rather about giving Council increased options.

    These small homes currently are banned, and Rachel is starting a conversation to open up the opportunity.

    Is increasing the residential population within Fremantle’s ratepayer base something you support? Is it something Labor and the conservatives support? You actively supported the campaign to knock back increasing Fremantle growing in area.

    • Mark says:

      Paul please, how can we have two standards again in our community?
      One house can have 5 cars, then a house being planned just down the road is only able to have one, how does that make any sense.
      Can u imagine this issues in years to come when these houses are sold on, one house can have one car, another can have as many as they can fit? Does that sound logical?
      I don’t know how you can call this an increase in options, when it clearly says limiting to one car, hows is that an increase in options.
      Small homes are not banned I can drop a one bedroom flat in my backyard tomorrow, if I wish, under the granny flat policy

      Council has a anti-car agenda, things like this are just the thin edge of the wedge.
      If you read what I wrote, I support people being able to build small homes, what I object too, is the max restrictions, the car limits, the forced open space on the block and all their lifestyle limiting restrictions they will try and slip in.
      If your block is 400sq/m and 70% must not be built on and this space includes your garage not much left 4 a house.
      I imagine this would effectively ban backyard pools, workshops, hobbie spaces, unless its a garden.
      How does this effect people subdividing blocks in the future, this would discourage people building new homes(replacing old ones), not great for business or jobs.
      How would this affect extensions, renovation, another kicker for small business and jobs.
      People want to build smaller homes go ahead, but lets not go down the road of a couple of councillors putting their ideology on the broader, community.
      It just green politics, they can’t get these things in at state or federal levels, so its an attempt to drive it thru at local gov, if there where broad community support, for these ideals, the greens would do better at state and federal elections.

      Investing in fremantle must be a real worry for people as you can never tell what wacky idea this council will come up with next, and what impact in could have on your investment, retirement, capital gain, families future, etc.
      If you want to know what labor and conservatives think, you should ask them, I don’t poll, political groups to make up my mind own mind.
      I don’t know about any campaign or even freo increasing in area?

  2. They might be onto something there. You could put a second hand 30 foot caravan on your block and live in that. More room for trees, but you would then be able to have a big Colorbond shed to keep all of your work gear and boys toys in.

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