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Hi my name is Mark Woodcock

I am a Fremantle Resident, who over the last 2yrs has taken a greater interest in what happens in my local government area.

I think the idea that the current council represents the views of our general residents as a little off, I don’t think the council really represents any real issues I believe in.

Now it’s not about politics as in state or federal governments politics but the council is here for the amenity of the residents and rate payers it represents.

I think that state and federal politics has too much influence in the way our local government is run, several councillor’s work or have worked recently in offices of state or federal politicians. Several others have run for political parties in state or federal elections. Many state and federal minister have come from this very council, so this question comes to mind, are they there for the rate payers and residents best interests or laying a platform for their own political careers?

So my blogs here is more about what’s good for the rate payer and resident not political ideologies.

Just for the record I have run for local government last election, was not successful but at least I was beaten by a nice guy. Yes I could run for the next election, but till then I’m a rate payer that has concerns about how our city is run and whether the general amenity of rate payer and residents is properly addressed or taken care off.

I don’t say I’m right about everything, no one is, if anything I would like the people to question what they are told think for yourself, and have your own opinion not just swallow the spin that is put out by council, don’t just look at what they say but what they do, their voting at council tells the real story.

So as my tag says “Don’t drink the coolaid” i.e. just following like sheep or not thinking about what you are being feed can have really BAD consequences.

So in general I hope this blog stirs people to think for themselves and hopefully the result will be a little more interest at voting time and electors voting for people who will represent what they believe in for our great community.

Chhers Mark.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Congrats Mark.
    Excellent comment.
    So necessary to counteract the Freo Council’s spin.

    In the Mayors latest spiel
    ‘More affordable housing for Fremantle’
    ie specifying smaller homes, unreasonable limited parking, selling off City Parking lots; it’s like having ones Patriarchal Gramps, who has lost the plot, telling the kids how to live their lives.
    Lets bring on down those current house prices. Thanks Mr. Mayor.
    Bad luck those who live here actually daring to think they could park as normal.
    Unfortunately this Council has airy-fairy ideas with no substance.
    Is it that they cant do their add-ups?

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