Perth Freight Link Councils at Opposite ends of Spectrum

Its amazing the the different points of view to bordering councils can have on the same issue as the Perth Freight Link or Roe8 which ever name you perfer.

In Fremantle councils, Fremantle Pulse we see the councils position.

“Council has adopted a position not to support the state government proposals for sections 1 and 2 of the Perth Freight Link (PFL). It has called on the state government to put the current proposal on hold until further long-term freight planning and better options are developed.

Council supports the planning and development of an outer harbour serviced by rail. The outer harbour concept is in keeping with many decades of settled freight transport and urban planning. A long-term solution to container freight transport issues based on rail as the key component would result in: • a more cost effective long-term solution for freight transport • saving the highly valued conservation area, Beeliar Wetlands, from decimation through road building • minimising localised freight impacts, especially at High Street and North Fremantle • a reduction of carbon intensive greenhouse gas emissions • a reduction in community health issues related to road trauma and exhaust emissions • better utilisation of existing road infrastructure.”

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City Of Melville

Where Melville councils position quite the opposite, an extract from their council minutes.

OFFICER RECOMMENDATION (3645) APPROVAL That the Council:- 1. Reconfirm its support for the extension of Roe Highway between the Kwinana Freeway and Stock Road in accordance with the plans adopted by Main Roads Western Australia to finalise the Perth Freight Link. 2. Request the Chief Executive Officer to write to Main Roads Western Australia requesting they approach the construction of the Roe Highway extension for that section within the Beeliar Regional Park, in such a way as to minimise any potential adverse environmental impacts on the Park, by ensuring the maximum protection of the flora and fauna, the wetlands and the amenity of the area, together with maintaining and enhancing public accessibility of this regionally important asset. 3. Reiterate its support for the extending the Roe Highway, west of Stock Road to Stirling Highway, utilising the alignment of the Fremantle Eastern Bypass for the Perth Freight Link. 4. Request the Chief Executive Officer to write to the State Government advising that in order to minimise the potential impact of utilising the Fremantle Eastern Bypass alignment for the Perth Freight Link, all or part of the route between Clontarf Hill and Stirling Highway be tunnelled.”

Sadly Fremantle council has abandoned their electorate to follow party politics with no intention to solve the traffic congestion, safety issues that faces its residents, where Melville councils officers and councillors have recommended and voted to address traffic congestion and safety issues for its residents.

Fremantle council is still bleating on about the outer harbour which will do nothing to address Fremantle’s traffic safety issues for the next decade at least, happy to leave its residents to have increasing congestion worsening safety issues and increasing pollution which will rapidly worsen with the stop start nature of traffic congestion and not to mention all the traffic lights.

With the local election and the door knocking in process its quite interesting to hear the number of people in the valley and towards freo who are in favour or have no objection to the tunnel option proposed but not so in favour of the high st expansion option. Clearly our council has once again slid down its political agenda instead of looking after the best interest of its rate payers.

Currently, only around 15% of containers are moved by rail, despite a substantial subsidy from the State Government. At present, Fremantle Port is one of the best performing ports in Australia with container movements by rail.

The city of fremantle  is misleading its residents by saying the outer harbour will solve the traffic issues, it will not its own study from CUSP, costing rate payers $20,000, (which several councillors have told me was a waste of money), shows that the traffic will worsen till the outer harbour is built another decade at least. Then when it opens it will drop the amount of trucks with the transition and then the truck traffic over the years will continue to increase out of fremantle to a much worsen situation than we have now. Increasing by as much as 30% more than we have currently 2015. That’s with the outer harbour fully operational and of course this will do nothing for the every increasing amount of other vehicles on our Fremantle roads.

Even with the outer harbour Fremantle will continue to have the same traffic problems we have now and it will continue to worsen and we will continue to get more trucks once the outer harbour is built and operational.

Whats worse is with the negative position our council has taken if the Roe 8 is built we will not have had any input into making sure we get the best outcome for Fremantle, to make all of our lives safer, healthier and happier.


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  1. Andrew says:

    You are spot on Mark. Even if trucks disappeared tomorrow, the tens of thousands of cars heading to and from Welshpool, Canning vale and Midland will not abate. I travel this route every day and like myself a great deal of these cars are tool of trade, company vehicles, or sales reps that have no choice but to use their cars every day to and from work. Rail will not help.

    Now Rachael Pemberton wants to stop trucks on Hampton road with no solution for where they will go. Just another thought bubble from her with no substance! The sceptic in me thinks this is just a publicity grab for the local election.

    Something needs to be done now and the council should be working with whatever side of politics to resolve this issue sooner than later.

    A good freight route in and out of Fremantle if done right could allow for cycle ways, future rail just like the current freeway and dedicated lanes for autonomous vehicles. Truck manufacturers are currently trailing autonomous trucks and Hydrogen technologies. The state of Nevada has granted a licence for trialling fully autonomous Freightliner semi-trailers, in a clear indication that self-driving trucks could become legislated before passenger cars which will help reduce congestion, safeguard the environment and cut down on accidents. ( Someone should tell Dr Peter Newman to put this in his pipe and smoke it. None of this future technology is mentioned in his sustainability research.

    Now this is the future which Fremantle council should be engaging in to encourage investment, creating employment and drive the local economy.

    • Mark says:

      Well said Andrew, when I had my meeting with the minister for transport we made it quite clear that this was an opportunity to do this link well or badly. Our plan focused on the issues all of fremantle has with traffic and we did our best to address these issues to the minister to take his tunnel and turned out the best possible outcome for as much of fremantle as possible, would this cost more, yes but we where looking for a 20yr plan to improve traffic on all levels.
      Instead our council abandon its ratepayer and residents just to follow their own political point of view and say no. better to be negative than look for a positive outcome.
      our council lacks vision, instead focusing on party politics, to the determent of fremantle rate payers and residents.

      • Diana Ryan says:

        I believe Peter Newman has spruiked use of compressed natural gas (CNG) for trucks before. Here’s an idea of the benefits and slowly growing adoption, both in US, now here:

        It is an increasing concern why we are not looking at emissions controls in our cities anyway, and an obvious place to start is with trucks and the areas they affect.

        All the Environment Ministers met in Canberra last year to discuss the worsening air quality in our cities – its becoming more palpable now.

        However this is not a national issue as such – and it would be weak for CoF to suggest it is, given (a) they go on about thinking global, acting local, (b) it is a port city and such around the world HAVE acted to create emission controls as a result, and (c) for reasons best known to themselves they are in bed with big business in terms of a collective, Committee for Perth, but gutless about raising this issue with them, as a corporate responsibility and a major contribution they could make to Freo as part of this local focus thing about nothing you didn’t know already, otherwise.

        Freo seems to be having no more luck clearling its pollution, given its location next to ocean, than the air shed over the massively increasing QEII site. It is next to parks, across from King’s Park, along a wind tunnel (Thomas Rd) and close to Swan River, but the air is dreadful because as at 2007 it had 19K cars a day connecting with it.

        I’m pretty clear that Brad & Co. are fairly lightweight sustainablists. The idea that Freo could ever be an “island of sustainability” in a “sea of unsustainability” can never happen – clearly Freo is heavily dependent on tourist visits, day trippers, has huge numbers of people leaving to go to work by vehicle each day (Econ Editor of West Australia says Freo folks have largest no. of 4WD in Perth, outside of CBD and Northbridge) and of course you have the critical port.

        So, until the Council stops playing games with tiny, weeny little initiatives to do with worms and coffee grounds, etc – the time for all of this as some kind of demo project, model town thing has past.

        The City won’t get a light rail, under any govt, it won’t replace the cars leaving to go to their jobs and needs, and it is 20 years away.

        The air you breathe is terrible now. And your council is not dealing with the air it has now. What has that got to do with PFL…. then?

        Brad Pettitt could get on his 7 billionth plane flight and make submissions to the new Cities and Built Environment Fed, and he probably plans to, But it will be for a light rail many years of poor air from now, not about taking the lead and putting forward a plan, in conjunction with Committee for Perth, to bring in emissions controls at the City of Freo as THE FIRST STEP to helping you NOW.

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