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Source: Society election sizzle | Fremantle Herald Interactive

Tomorrow could be a big day for Fremantle future as its seems one of Fremantles last voices of preserving what Fremantle was, could be in the future or will be, is about to have a vote on whether we have a committee that protects freos heritage or whether its gets another groups which seems to on side with the mayors development crew. Who look to run rough shot over the few policies left to protect Fremantles heritage.

The link below has a lot more detail and the heralds link also tells a story.

A Tale of Two Cities

Like most things if you want a reasonable outcome balance is important if one of Freo’s last organizations is taken over by the development crowd the balance is out the window. It likens to the expression leaving the fox in charge of the Hen house.

The argument that this development is need to kick start Freos revival I think is a bit lost as its supposed main stay or kick off was suppose to be Kings Square which seems to have slipped away.

That as a separate issue, as the Fremantle Society FS asked questions of the Kings Square project and never got the answers allot like Martin Lees more in depth  questions on the Kings Square Business Plan and its lack some of financial information that is needed to justify the councils amazing financial outcomes.

If the the FS is gagged Fremantles future just got a little more dire. I know hard to think it would get much worse



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  1. Phil Mayo says:

    Hi from Phil
    See your point well made.
    The whole thing is really a sham isn’t it?
    Your right only mandatory voting will help solve this issue.

    Catch you later

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