COF Hilton Traffic Armageddon

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Last special committee meeting there was a proposal for a zoning and height increase in Hilton at the South & Carrington St, cnr, taking in all the commercial space around, down past the old Hilton Fresh and IGA.

This area is already a really bad bottle neck effect for traffic and is really bad for traffic coming and going in the small side streets east of Carrington St.

To now take this congested area and take zoning from R-20 and increase it to the R-100 and taking heights to 17 metres or higher, is concerning to say the least? Add to this all the people and cars this would bring to the area, into this already chaotic busy place, not to mention South St is a major artery, into and out of Fremantle.

It would also be interesting to see if any impact assessment has been done on how the changes to High St will effect corridors like South St. Of course COF will waddle on about their, once upon a time  light rail solving all the problems, shame it will not happen in the next 30 years if at all? So in the mean time areas like Hilton will be left to deal with a massive increase in zoning, height and people with little or no infrastructure to deal with impact on everything, except lifestyle that takes another massive kick in the ass. No need to mention open space as per usual it looks like they intend everything to be built on or covered in concrete, nothing surprising there right?

Hilton residents would be wise to watch as this proposal goes forward. The item was deferred to allow for more work by the professional staff which I imagine is to see how much higher they can squeeze up the R- rating and the height.  The mayor was eager to push the zoning area west of South St, that didn’t seem to get much support at the last meeting but I’m sure that is not the last we will hear of it.

Just recently in the Herald we saw a thinking allowed piece by one of the convenors from the Hilton Precinct, seems their concerns are well justified?

The insanity of density at any cost just rolls on from council, ideology at any cost. The whole issue that rail corridors will be attracting development along these links is just BS, if that was the case why aren’t our existing rail surrounded by high rises and high density living? They are planning density without having the infrastructure it requires in place, a sufficient transport corridor to start with?

Where u look at a place like Alkimos beach they are getting density that’s properly planned, “The project site will eventually host 3.6ha of playing fields, 6ha of conservation reserves and 41ha of dune and foreshore reserves. All homes will be within 800m of both the local centre and transport links.

Thirty per cent of the site will be reserved for open space and no home will be more than 200 metres from a park.

Walking and cycle paths will link the beach, the town centre and the train station and Wi-Fi will be provided in major public spaces to foster economic and social opportunities.

LandCorp chief executive Frank Marra said a key focus was growing WA in a planned and sustainable way. GBCA’s chief executive Romilly Madew said that Lend Lease had achieved many “firsts” in the sustainability space over more than a decade, but up until now these have all been in buildings and fit-outs.”


The first 240 hectares of the 710 hectare master-planned community is being developed by Lend Lease and LandCorp. Source: Supplied


“This 6 Star Green Star rating for a community project sets the bar for world leadership community development and demonstrates a long-term commitment to sustainability at scale,” Ms Madew said.”

So new areas get density well done, while Freo just gets random blocks of concrete where ever they can stick them. Residents and rate payers of Fremantle need to watch carefully what our council does as long term we will be the ones left to live in whatever mess they make, it’s us who will be the ones paying the price for their ideology? So as the COF scrabbles to throw in density where ever they can its places like Hilton, Burt St, McCabe St etc. will pay the price. More and more hard coverage, more concrete, less trees, less open public space, the 202020 report tells the story, Fremantle the city of planning for more concrete?

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