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The residents around Burt Street would feel less than happy with Council approving the Department of Housing development there that will have considerable parking, traffic and social impact on the area. Councillor Bill Massie was on the side of the residents, saying that it needs a lesser scale development and that Council should listen to the community on this, while Councillor Sam Wainwright said it would be a Berlin-style development that would be o.k. as long as traffic management considered bicycle and pedestrian priorities.”



Good to see council Massie has a better understanding, than most of the representation we see.

Strange a councillor would mention Berlin in this discussion, as just recently a resident group led a battle against government plans to build high density developments on the old Tempelhofer Park (airport) the residents being victorious in their kämpfen (struggle). This was done by a similar polling system to our current amalgamation process, petition with signatures, to call for a poll, the polling giving electors their voice.

I find it quite amusing to hear our council complaining about their wants from state and not being heard, “bit like kettle calling the pot black” don’t u think?

Berlin is an example of where the resident’s voice was heard and acted upon by government saving the old closed Berlin airport from inappropriate development, now planned to continue being used as a park  with many activities for locals and tourists alike. The local residents feared the outcome of another high density development, rightly so with issues it has brought in the past. Perhaps why Berlin keeps such a high open public/green space ratio unlike our own cities dismal 202020 report.

As mentioning Berlins high density also comes its huge crime rate and social issues being more than double that of places like Munich in the south. Which has far less gang, drug, violent crime and dense living or high rises.

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  1. Sam Wainwright identifies with the extreme left. The Communists. If it was up to him, it would be all government housing. He likes the gritty undertone of graffiti and beggars. So lets be thankful he didn’t get his way. The socialists aren’t in the business of listening to the masses, the don’t want a democracy.

  2. Jayne says:

    Mark, this is a test only. Cannot comment on your page from other computers. Problem with crazy domain?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Jayne i have had a couple of issues with the public certificates, i hope it is now fixed, part of learning curve with my blogging.
      If you have any further issues please email me at
      Appreciate your time and effort

  3. Jayne says:

    Look at who this council DOES listen to. Who do they support, who do they sponsor, where is their focus, who do they want to live here? It’s the organisations, groups and individuals who fit the Greens/Socialist voter profile.

    I was amazed to read recently Brad saying he didn’t want Freo full of people with money. At first it didn’t make any sense – surely we DO need more people who will spend money on local businesses, heritage, culture and architecture. But then I realised Brad wants Freo to stay “weird” and “grungy”, not for residents’ benefit or for Freo, but to ensure more votes for the Greens/Socialists. Looking at it this way, the crazier council decisions start to make sense…

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