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Online yesterday I read on Perth News an article on Perth neighbors disputes at all time high.

Reading this I immediately though of the situation at Burt St

Is our current council ideology driving us into this situation, as density increases, more neighbour disputes seem to be happening, this has an added cost to society apart from the stress, increased need for emergency services to attend, police government agencies etc?

As increased density happens in our suburbs we increase the stress level of our lives, so in the future we will have more cost for dealing with stress, medical issue’s etc. Similar to other studies which show tree canopy, open spaces, parks, green areas, are good for our personal health, yet councils direction to concrete and build on parks, clear blocks of trees, increase density will only worsen our situation, is this the future we want for Fremantle?

You can see why Burt St is up in arms, they can see where Fremantle council direction is heading and how it will negatively impact on our amenity.

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  1. Julia says:

    Social and political engineering is happening at a furious pace with little time to spare before the next council elections. This Green/Left lead council fully understand the demographics that will vote Green/Left and guess who they would be?…………. inner-city apartment dwellers.

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